Special Sessions at SSC 2017

Special Sessions at SSC2017

PEERE Session on Social Simulation of Peer Review

Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Brescia), Francisco Grimaldo (University of Valencia)

Supported by the COST Action PEERE , this session aims to attract contributions that apply social simulation to understanding peer review in science. A special attention will be given to works that model peer review dynamics, looks at scientist behaviour and its implications and test policy scenarios. Also contributions that aims to set methodological standards and propose ad-hoc platforms and models are welcome. The COST Action PEERE will support the participation of eligible speakers by covering travel and accomodation expenses. For any information, please contact info@peere.org

All SIGs listed below have been integrated into relevant panel sessions. Please view the Scientific Schedule for more detail.

Special SIG Session on Education (SIG-Education)

Special SIG Session on Testing policy options before and after implementation
(SIG-Policy Modelling)

Special SIG Session on Qualitative Data for informing behavioural rules (SIG-Qual2Rule)

Special SIG Session on Social Simulation and Serious Games (SIG-SSSG)

Special Session on Modelling Social Science Aspects of Fisheries

Special Session on Synthetic Population Databases and Agent-based Modelling: Informing Society and Policy-making

Special Session on Formalising and implementing human behaviour in agent-based models of natural resource use

Special SIG session on Computational Organisation Theory

Special Session on Dynamic Structures: Connecting SNA and ABM