Call for Papers

SSC2017 Publications Opportunities

JASSS aims to publish a Special Edition based on a selection of the best papers presented at the SSC2017. All authors will be invited to indicate whether they agree to have their paper considered for inclusion in this JASSS Special Edition.

The Conference Proceedings, entitled Social Simulation for a Digital Society – Applications and Innovations in Computational Social Science will be published as part of the Springer Proceedings in Complexity series (

Final Paper Submission
Final paper submissions are now closed. You should submit your final paper as a PDF to the following email address – Your final paper should be saved as a PDF with the file name as follows: SSC_Surname_AbstractNumber (SSC_Payne_SSC2017-105).

*Please note this only applies to previously submitted papers.

The Social Simulation Conference 2017 will be held in Dublin on 25 – 29 September, 2017.

You can download the Conference Submission Guidelines here.

This is the 13th Annual Conference of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA) which is the main European scientific society to promote social simulation and computational social science.